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Dates of travel :
March 1 - April 28, 2005

Lessons learned:
India is a place that must happen to you... and to enjoy it, you must sit back and put your faith in powers other than your own. And some how, some way, things will fall into place. That said, it's a good idea to always have a back up plan. Make that three.

Best food-related dicovery :
Cheese Kofta

Horror stories:
Anything related to the rail service, camel saddles, Giardia, ill fitted mosquito nets

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Where we stayed...


The Fairlawn Hotel | 13/A Suddar Street
It's not really in the budget travel price range, but the Fairlawn's worth the price for a night or two if you favor funky, eccentric hotels. It's location on Suddar Street, the backpackers' grotto, makes it a good place to connect with other travelers. Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: $50.00 U.S.

Hotel Galaxy | 3 Stuart Lane
Also located in the Suddar street area, Hotel Galaxy is a little time worn, but not a bad choice for the wallet. Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: 450 Rs ($10.00 +/- U.S.)



The Bellevue Hotel (Main Old) |
5/1 Nehru Road
There are actually two Bellevue Hotels, the old one and the new one. We stayed at the old one for its charm and cheaper price (large spiders were free). Although a bit musty, our room was huge and had a pleasant sun room with great views of the mountains and hills. Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: 500 Rs ($12.00 +/- U.S.)



Hotel Temple on Ganges | Assi Ghat
Hotel Temple was a bit hidden, but once we found it, we were quite happy. It's located right next to the Ganges River and has an awesome rooftop restaurant and garden. It was in a quiet location and proved to be a great respite from the touts, tourists, and pilgrims of Varanasi.
Rate: 450 Rs ($10.00 +/- U.S.)



Hotel Imperial Supreme |
6 Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore
Situated in a courtyard set back from the business of the street, this hotel was a good value with huge, clean rooms. Hot water came in buckets, but there were attentive hotel staff dying to wait on us hand and foot, so it was no problem to get hot water in the morning. The 24 hour check out wasn't so great as we arrived at 7 a.m. Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: 399 Rs ($9.50 +/- U.S.)



Wood House Beach Resort | North Cliff
Four beach huts, though not on the beach, make up the Wood House Beach Resort. It's located at the quiet end of the cliff, away from the other hotels, touristy shops, and restaurants (but not so far that it's inconvenient). With great views of the Arabian sea, and a pleasant staff, we loved staying here.
Rate: 500 Rs ($12.00 +/- U.S.)


Fort Cochin

The Spencer Home | 1/298 Parade Rd
The Spencer Home, originally a Portuguese Villa, was a home away from home with clean rooms surrounding a quiet courtyard. The staff were cordial and the location on the parade grounds made it a great place to catch the many cricket games played by the locals each day, away from the touristy shops and main hotel drag. Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: 600 Rs ($14.00 +/- U.S.)



Ramee Guestline Hotel | Juhu
I'm still in denial over this one... a pricey luxury resort, but we could find no other hotels in Juhu that hotter than hot day...
Rate: 4314 Rs ($102.00 +/- U.S.)

Hotel Samraj | Mumbai
We wer tricked into staying here... a train/bus ticket fiasco paved the way. It wasn't worth the price, but again... we had no choice.
Rate: 2154 Rs ($51.00 +/- U.S.)



Ratan Palace | 21 Lal Ghat
We didn't find the Ratan Palace... they found us, at the bust stop at 4 a.m. The hotel is family run with great views (but it's hard to find a hotel with bad views in Udaipur). The rooms were just OK, but the hot water shower was great.
Rate: 200 Rs ($4.75 +/- U.S.)



Sarvar Guest House | Manak Chowk
Sarvar is run by the same family as the Ratan Palace, and similarly, they found us at the bus stop (Ramesh called ahead). The room was clean and large, and the rooftop restaurant has great views of the palace and blue city. The staff are kind and friendly; it was like we had become part of the family.
Rate: 200 Rs ($4.75 +/- U.S.)



Hotel Golden City | Near 1st Gate
This hotel has a pool, its claim to fame in the desert of Rajasthan. It's located closer to the bus stand than the action, but it's not so far from the fort that it's inconvenient. The staff were not the most helpful or friendly, but the place was cheap and clean.
Rate: 200 Rs ($4.75 +/- U.S.)



Hotel Harasar Haveli |
Near Karni Singh Stadium
This hotel was great, with the best pillows and mattresses of any budget hotel in all of India. The rooftop restaurant had some of the best food in all of India, too. Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: 400 Rs ($9.50 +/- U.S.)



Saint Seva Ashram
We had an awesome room with a balcony overlooking the Ganges River. Other than that, the place is dubious. We couldn't get the staff to give us a top sheet for the bed (plus the bed linens were dirty on our arrival) and the manager tried to tack on several extra nights to our bill on check out. Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: 400 Rs ($9.50 +/- U.S.)



Hotel Kashish International |
1563 Laxmi Narain Street
Located in the Pahar Ganj area of New Delhi, this hotel has the benefit of being one street away from the action, so there is some peace and quiet. No hotels in this area are stellar, but this one was decent.
Rate: 500 Rs ($12.00 +/- U.S.)

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