Destination TBD


Dates of travel :
October 24 - November 15, 2005

Lessons learned:
Don't use the front brake of a motorbike on sandy/dirt roads; bring new US dollars (they won't take the old design); always check your pockets before handing in laundry

Best food-related dicovery :
Dark Beer Laos

Horror stories:
The $27.00 motorbike accident; long bus rides with rice sacks; stolen money clip (with $20 cash); free shots of Laos Laos during happy hour

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November 2005

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Where we stayed | Rates are for a double room with shared bath and fan unless noted


Sabaidy 2 Guesthouse | Th 24
TEL: 212992
The lighting is dim and the walls are paper thin, making this guesthouse a difficult place to do anything: read, sleep, etc... It is clean, though – that's about the only thing LP got right. Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: $5.00 U.S. *private bath

Narin Thachalern | Th 21
TEL: 212927
Rooms are clean, large, and have satellite TV. Much quieter than Sabaidy 2. Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: $5.00 U.S.


Don Det, 4000 Islands

The Sunset Original | Sunset Strip
TEL: 85620 5730137
This place is awesome. Mr. Phoumy's 5 bungalows on the Mekong are right on the water, new (and clean), with mosquito net, porch, and hammocks. The bungalows are in a quiet area, off the main road, with great views – especially at sunset. The staff is friendly and the restaurant is decent; it gets busy for a period of time right before sunset. There is no electricity on all of Don Det, so like most of the bungalows there, these have no lights or fan. Toilets and shower are shared, but clean.
Rate: $2.00 U.S. *no fan



Saysouly Guesthouse | 23 Manthatulath Rd
Right near the river, and the action at sunset, the Saysouly Guesthouse is located on a quiet street and has decent, clean rooms but they're nothing special. There are lots of communal balconied spaces and several places to hang out in front, which is always nice... but this guesthouse is not as fabulous as the LP makes it sound. Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: $8.00 U.S. *with AC


Vang Vieng

Saysong Guesthouse | Near River
TEL: 00856-23 511130
The one thing Saysong has going for it is its location on the river – away from the noise of the 'strip'. However, rooms are nothing special (they're rather like prison cells) and the management is not super helpful (with the exception of the owners' sons, who are there on weekends). Most disappointing was an apparent lack of honesty: a nice silver money clip with $20 cash was mistakenly sent with our laundry and we never saw it again. When we asked about it, the owner laughed and made no attempt to look for it (probably because it was in his pocket). Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: $4.00 U.S. *private bath


Luang Prabang

Rattana Guesthouse | 4/2 Ban Wat That
TEL: 252255
On a quiet lane in the southern part of town, the Rattana Guesthouse is close to the Mekong and close to the night market, restaurants, and sights of interest. The rooms in the traditional style wood house are cozy and have a lot of character – a nice change of pace from the generic plaster boxes often found in the budget option range. There's also a nice chill out area with traditional decor and dark wood: perfect to hide from the midday sun. Listed in Lonely Planet
Rate: $7.00 U.S. *private bath

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