Destination TBD

I'm not sure what I was thinking about when, back in 2004 (in preparation for our trip in 2005-06), I built this site and added this 'Logistics' page to 'Returning Home'. Perhaps I thought I'd recount the trials and tribulations of moving back – at the time I built this stie, I was in the throws of the planning phase. I didn't know that I would have such an easy time on return: the apartment was waiting for us, it was easy to find work. Everything sort of fell in to place.

Later, I thought I'd add all of the knowledge I'd amassed over the last year – travel-related tips around money, packing, transportation, et al... But instead I updated 'Making the Break'. I couldn't stand the thought of inaccuracy in the planning section of this site.

So here I am, left with a 'Logistics' page, and nothing to say. However, there is one thing that's relevant to say here... and that's how easy it is to trek across Asia overland, by bus, train, or boat – we only took a few flights during our year on the road: Delhi-Bangkok-Beijing, Bangkok-Bali-Bangkok, Luang Prabang-Chiang Mai, and Chiang Mai-Mandalay-Yangon-Chiang Mai.

Back here at home, thinking about the Asian continent, and thinking about how I zig-zagged around it with such ease, I am surprised to feel a sadness, a strange sort of aching for the bus (and usually the bus, no matter where, was the most dreaded ways of transport). I feel it for the trains, the boats... the confusing ticket lines and counters, the odd hours of arrival and departure. Waiting for the next place, finally arriving, and then starting all over again.

Every time I drive past the airport here at home, and I see a plane taking off, I feel envy for those on board and my imagination sparks. I dream of the places I'd like to be going... I feel sad that I'm stuck in traffic down here on the ground, instead of up in the sky, going someplace far away. The sight of a plane in the sky, now – after my travels, reminds me of what it's like to be free.

© 2004, Cheryn Flanagan