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Darjeeling »
Situated in Northern India, with Bhutan, Nepal, and China as her neighbors, the hill station of Darjeeling is world famous for tea. Beyond that, it's a place to relax, escape from the heat, and take in the views of the Himalayas.
Varanasi »
Touted as the oldest living city in the world, Varanasi is India's holiest city. Thousands of pilgrims come to Varanasi to bathe in the sacred Ganga River. The old come here to die, so that they may end the cycles of rebirth.
Varkala »
Coconut palm groves, the Arabian Sea, fishing villages, a sea side retreat from the hustle and bustle of India. Varkala, located in the lush state of Kerala, is a quiet little beach town that meanders along the top of a cliff.
The Backwaters »
Peace, quiet, coconut palms, village life. Cruising overnight in a house boat along the lagoons, lakes, and canals of the Backwaters is one of the highlights of a visit to Kerala.
Fort Cochin »
A little Portuguese, a little English, a little Dutch, and a lot of India, of course... Fort Cochin is full of history with ancient Chinese fishing nets, a Jewish settlement, spice market, churches and temples from every religion...
Kathakali »
Kathakali is an ancient Keralan performance meaning, 'story play', based on Indian epics of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Performers primarily use gestures and expressions to dramatize their character in the play.
Udaipur »
Located in the enchanting state of Rajasthan, Udaipur is a romantic town with several posh palaces and nightly showings of the James Bond flick, Octopussy (It was filmed at the infamous Lake Palace).
Jodhpur & Jaisalmer »
Jodhpur is known as the 'blue city' for the color of its buildings, while Jaisalmer is called the 'golden city' for it's hue of honey. Both cities are hot spots for travelers in Rajasthan, a magical land filled with palaces and history.
Bikaner »
A sprawling desert town in northern Rajasthan, Bikaner boasts a temple filled with 'holy rats'... in addition to neighborhoods of exquisetly carved havelis, bustling markets, and of course, a palace.
Camel Safari »
Camel safaris are popular in both Jaisalmer and Bikaner. We ventured out into the Thar desert from Bikaner for a two day camel safari in temps near 100. Sleeping on a sand dune is cool... the way my butt felt at the end of the safari was not.
kolkata   Kolkata »
Known to many as Calcutta, Kolkata is the second most populated and fourth largest city in India. It's busy, hot, run down, and poor, but still an interesting place to stay for a few days – especially for the Kali temple, where goats are sacrificed each morning.
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