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Ubud, Bali »
The cultural & artistic center of Bali, Ubud is the place to shop, take in a few traditional Balinese dances, pamper yourself, and take long walks through rice terraces, villages, and jungle forests. Music fills the air, smiles come easy...
Balinese Dance »
The lights dim, the drums flare, and the dancers dazzle in colorful, gilded costumes. Balinese dance is an artform, with slow and deliberate movements of the hands, eyes, and feet. There are nightly performances in Ubud.
  Bedegul, Bali »
There's not much to Bedegul, but for a temple on water (but only in the wet season) and plenty of tourists wondering why they have come – maybe I should only speak for myself. So many tourists, so many cameras...
  Bedegul to Pemuteran, Bali »
The drive from Bedegul to the North, through Munduk, is a treat. The air is scented with the spicy aroma of cloves drying on the road and the landscape is full of cocoa trees, coffee trees, waterfalls, jungle, and rice terraces.
  Pemuteran, Bali »
Northwest Bali is isolated and full of fancy resorts that line the black volcanic beaches. It's a great place to find a room and kick back by the pool for a few days or collect rocks on the beach (yes, rocks).
  The East Coast & Lipah, Bali »
The East Coast is a great hideaway. Lipah (population of 50) is one of many small villages in scalloped inlets with sun, sand, and good coral reefs for diving and snorkeling. There are great views of Gunung Agung (largest volcano on Bali).
  Gili Air, Lombok »
They sure know how to live on Gili Air – it's a mellow little island (population of 300) ringed with white sand and turquoise water, with plenty of pillowed platforms on the beach to while away the day & gaze at the volcano on Lombok when not in the sea.
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