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Koh Samui »
One of Thailand's famous islands, Samui has its fair share of (over)development. We looked far and wide for a reclusive, scenic beach scene – they still exist on Samui, but are hard to find...
Loy Krathong »
A holiday to end all holidays; a festival that puts others to shame... Loy Krathong is three days of nonstop firecrackers, flaming lanterns that soar to the stars, and offerings to Buddha that float down the currents of rivers...
Pai ~ Mae Hong Son Road Trip »
The mountains in northern Thailand are like gardens for gods. We drove "The Loop" – a trip from Chiang Mai to Pai to Mae Hong Son and then back to Chiang Mai. Astounding views, laid-back towns, twisty roads, gargantuan caves, wildflowers...
Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai »
High up on a hill, overlooking Chiang Mai, Doi Suthep is a spectacular golden temple that shines so hotly in the sun, it's visible from miles away. Although it's a big tourist spot, plenty of Thais come here for prayers.
  Eating Roaches »
Forget pesticide sprays and roach hotels... just deep fry them and pop 'em in your mouth! The Thai people sure do love fried insects: grubs, crickets, grasshoppers, and my fav: roaches. Play the video
Hat Tonsai, Krabi »
Perhaps the perfect traveler's beach... Tonsai is a favorite of ripped rock climbers, party goers, and guys who proudly sport the nickname 'Tarzan'. It's a mellow beach with lots of hip vibe – cool music, nightly fire dancing, and a 'why not' attitude.
Koh Phi Phi »
Thailand's most popular island get-away destination, Phi Phi is all about fun in the sun and blue, blue sea. There are secluded beaches hidden in coconut groves for those seeking quiet and nightly parties complete with fire dancing for those who aren't.
Koh Lanta »
Stretches of secluded beach, grassy headlands and lush jungle, uninhabited islands ringed with pristine coral... Koh Lanta has it all. The farther South you go, the less touristy it gets and Lanta is a nice respite from Thailand's tourist trail.
  Koh Lipeh »
Near the Tarutao National Marine Park and Thailand's border with Malaysia, Koh Lipeh is a gem in the deep South, particularly Sunset Beach with its amazing evening skies, secluded beach, emerald sea, and coral just off shore.
  Krabi Town, Tiger Temple »
Most people pass through Krabi Town on their way to the beaches of Krabi, but the forest wat known as the 'Tiger Temple' is worth a look, especially from the stupah perched on the top of a mountain – 2,200 steps from the ground, to be precise (ouch).
  Koh Phayam »
Bordering Myanmar, Koh Phayam is a lazy island full of cashew tree groves and wide sandy beaches. It's not really on the tourist trail, making Phayam one of Thailand's most reclusive beach destinations with sea hawks in the sky and sand dollars below...
  Bangkok »
Diverse. Bustling. Enormous. Bangkok is old-world mixed with new: gold spires peak out between hi-rise buildings and glitzy shopping malls. You can eat on the street with pocket change or dine in the sky on credit. It's Thailand's past and future in one city...
  Kanchanaburi »
Kanchanaburi, with beautiful countryside & rivers full of lillies and reeds, all set against a lumpy skyline of mountains that separateThailand from Myanmar, is itself an historical relic from WWII days. Here you'll find the 'Bridge over the River Kwai' and more...
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