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I'll be homeless while I'm traveling, but I don't want to be homeless when the trip is over...

After money, worrying about what to do with my apartment was high on the list of pre-trip jitters. I was concerned about returning from the trip to no job and no home: talk about stressful. Luckily, I was able to sublease my place and found a renter through a personal contact. I drew up a simple contract, which was signed by the subletter, myself, and the landlord. It outlined the length of my trip (roughly), and listed the items I'd leave in the apartment as well as the expenses and amount of rent the subletter was responsible for.

It was simple to find a sublet and easy to make it happen – much more so than the concept of it seemed when travel plans first got underway. My subletter and I arranged to transfer all the utilities to her name, making it easy for me on return: all I had to do was transfer them back to my name instead of setting them all up again. She even took care of the cat and stored my mail.

I met others on the road who own their homes and rented them to tenants while traveling – and lucky for them, the rent they received paid some of their travel expenses. Others even sold their homes.

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