Destination TBD

| Mail and Bills |

A great way to stop receiving junk mail is to remove yourself from the receiving end. It doesn't mean the junk will stop coming, but at least you won't be around to see it bursting out of your mailbox.

There was a lot of mail that I DID care about, though, like financial statements and the like. Before leaving on my trip I needed to stop as much of the paper trail as possible and make sure the important stuff was stored somewhere safely.

Thanks to the Internet, a lot of companies and banks offer online statements and paperless billing. I signed up for this service, although one of my credit card issuers ignored my paperless billing request. Also, some financial institutions are required by law to send statements in the mail.

For the mail that still made it into the post, I found a friend who allowed me to have it forwarded to her house, where she stored it in a paper bag. There was a huge bag of bills and statements waiting for me when I returned – most of it with confidential account numbers and personal information. There was also plenty of junk, which she will now receive for the rest of her life (sorry).

© 2006, Cheryn Flanagan