Destination TBD

| To Do List |

Call me anal, though I prefer organized. There's a lot to do before leaving for an extended period of time. Save yourself some stressful nights by tying off the loose ends well before you leave.

Six weeks before leaving:
• Purchase plane tickets
• Arrange travel insurance
• Begin vaccination schedule
• Apply for additional credit card(s) needed
• Find a subletter for your apartment

Four weeks before leaving:
• File taxes (dependant on time of year)
• Cancel unnecessary credit cards
• Sign up for paperless billing & statements for all financial accounts
• Forward the mail (send in notification, starting on your departure date...)
• Arrange storage facilities

Three weeks before leaving:
• Cancel health insurance (starting on your departure date...)
• Cancel or append auto or motorcycle insurance (" ")
• Obtain non-op status from DMV if you have a car or motorcycle (" ")
• Cancel cell phone and other unnecessary services (" ")
• Gear up: prescriptions, back pack, shoes, etc...

Two weeks before leaving:
• Obtain a Visa for arrival destination if required
• Get photos taken for Visa applications on the road
• Get traveler's checks
• Make copies of all pertinent travel documents
• Fill out your address book for sending postcards
• Break in new footwear

One week before leaving:
• Pack and store your belongings
• Pack (and test) your bag: a dry run
• Prepare contact list / info sheet for subletter and family members
• Make a few extra sets of house keys

Everyone will want a piece of you before you leave: your last week will be busy, a lunch here, dinner there, drinks... leave yourself time to enjoy your friends!

© 2006, Cheryn Flanagan