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Perhaps we've lived in San Francisco too long, where panhandling has become a career for what appears to be half of the city's residents... You can't walk down Haight Street without encountering a beggar on every corner and several in between. It's a despicable way to earn money, isn't it? And so, I am sorry to all of you who have read this far, because I'm about to put you in an awkward position. Here goes, "Can you spare a few bucks?"

I'm not asking for a complete hand out. I have something to offer you in trade. I have stories to tell. Supporting the cause will help us travel longer, paving the way to more experiences, and more tales of our adventures to share. And heck, your helpful donation just might help me launch my travel writing career. Not to get all Sally Struthers on you, but every penny counts! Less than one hundred bucks can pay for an entire week in some countries, so no donation is too small. An email of support counts as well. Writers need a pat on the back every now and then, so feel free to express your appreciation with words rather than hard earned cash.

Send email to:


Cash donations of any size can be made through Pay Pal.

All contributors will be recognized on this page, your name set in glorious HTML for all to see. For donations of $30.00+, a special souvenir will be sent from a Destination TBD. Imagine coming home to a pile of mail to discover an exotic treasure sent from some far-flung corner of the world.

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